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Hot Stone
75 minutes of soothing treatment that performs a detoxifying, relaxing and draining action. With its essential therapeutic oils and a massage with heated basalt stones, this treatment leaves the tissues elasticized and toned, relieving muscular pain and increasing the metabolism.


Ritual Oriental Aromasoul

Ritual massage inspired in tui na, an ancient form of Chinese medicine; Calms and balances the senses, improving blood circulation, regulating the organs, unblocking tendons and promoting the natural repositioning of the bones.
Ritual Mediterranean Aromasoul
With a draining and revitalizing effect, this ritual massage is inspired by the energy and warmth of the Mediterranean cultures. Ocean essences are used by the therapist to perform comforting and gentle movements that lead to an intense well-being sensation.
Ritual Indian Aromasoul
The passion and poetry of the desert inspire this ritual massage that combines a purifying and repairing phase with warm and unifying movements that restore the body’s vitality and peace.
Ritual Arabian Aromasoul
Inspired in the ayurveda philosophy, ‘the science of life’, this massage helps relaxation and energizes, reaching deep within the spirit, mind and body, releasing stress and tension, while contributing to a complete state of harmony.

Swedish Massage
Deep massage that combines several types of movements with therapeutic effect. It´s movements allow for improvement of the blood circulation, muscular relaxation, increased flexibility, less muscular pain and reduce stress.

Bamboo Massage

Shell Massage

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