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Beauty Treaments
Face Rebalance

Aromatic Beauty Touch
Anti-stress, oxygenating and aromatic treatment, both deeply hydrating and oxygenating, combined with a special relaxation technique inspired by ancient Egyptian rituals. The face regains its glow and tone thanks to the synergy of essential oils and lavender, iris, lily and rose aromatic flower extracts.

Face Moisturize

24 hr deep hydrating treatment gives exceptional nutrition and hydration during 24 hours due to the synergy of trehalose, mineral salts, betaglucan, honey and hibiscus extracts. Recommended for particularly dehydrated skin caused by stress, intense sun exposure, air conditioned environments, pollution and frequent air travel.

Body Renew and Nourish

Aromatic Body Touch
Anti-stress tonifying treatment relieves tension and stress. The skin is left toned and smooth while an intense state of physical and mental well-being and comfort is created. (Includes a pleasant and relaxing massage)

Body Strategist Nutritional
Nourishing treatment with vegetable extracts; contains fresh pumpkin cells, tomato, artichoke and beetroot extracts that give deep tissue nourishment, with an effective anti-free radical action, leaving the skin toned and revitalized.

Body Reduce and Drain

Monticelli Mud
Reducing treatment with active mud - detoxifying and draining action due to the active ingredients in the soft Monticelli thermal mud, enriched with mineral salt thermal waters from the "Terme di Monticelli”.

Body Stategist Cellulite Refiner
Intensive oxygenating and re-mineralizing anti-cellulite treatment; produces an intense draining action to combat visible cellulite signs; Ideal even for the most sensitive types of skin.

Body Strategist Cellulite Remodeller
Double action anti-cellulite treatment; reduces adipose deposits and improves microcirculation. Tonifies and remodels the body’s outline.


New Life
Treatment during pregnancy with its sweet and delicate oils, it has a draining effect and relieves joint tension by reducing swelling and heaviness.

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