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Marina de Lagos
Choose how to get away from it all: by car or boat?

A prime example of what happens when Man and Nature are as one, Marina de Lagos provides visitors with great comfort, safety and well-being. These qualities have made it  a marina which is unique in Portugal, having won the "Euromarina Anchor Award” and the "European Blue Flag”, as well as the renowned Gold Anchor Award.

Inaugurated in June 1994 Marina de Lagos has increasingly become the favourite spot for navigators from all over the world. Something which is all too clear to visitors from the number of vessels moored and which throughout the year take up almost all the 462 places available.

However, the points of interest of this tourist infrastructure are not limited to the constant coming and going of boats. On land there is not only a nautical support centre and a commercial area with a wide range of goods and services, but also the Marina Club Lagos Resort and the Marina Spa. If you decide to stick around, you can also find a wide range of quality apartments for sale and several shopping arcades for rental in what is a very busy area.

More than enough reasons to come on down. All you’ve got to do is decide whether you want to go by boat or car.

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